Thursday, February 9, 2012


Alright Alright Alright! Go ahead and say it 'cause I know you're thinkin' it! "You suck at updating your blog!" lol What can I say? My life has times where I can update almost every other day and then times where I'm lucky if I get to once every 2 months. I'll try and do better though. (:

I guess I'll start with the biggest news first: Addam and I got a new condo!!! Ahh I love it and I couldn't be happier! It's 5 minutes away from base yet, we don't have to deal with all the traffic. It's perfect! It's a bit small, and Kalie and Madelyn still have to share a bedroom but we figured hey, they're 6 and 9... sharing a bedroom for a couple more years shouldn't be to much of an issue. It's 2 floors, 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, a good size living room, and a kitchen that's small, but do-able. We still have boxes all over the place, and the girls room looks like a tornado swept through it... but then again, when does it not? We finally got all the boxes out of the kitchen and living room yesterday so now all we have to do is finish our room and the girls room. Our room really doesn't have much left to do so really the main issue is the girls room. Here is a picture I snapped with my phone on the day we moved in. Ours in #3 with that UGLY white car in front of it (So not our car!) and sorry for my finger in the picture (;

On a more deeper, depressing note, we FINALLY gave Kalie the 'talk' the other day. We figured she was definitely old enough and because she has been getting some pimples on her face and has some body oder, that it was time for the period talk. Talk about horrible! Addam actually handled it better than I did. It's just scary! More and more young girls are having sex and getting pregnant these days and it just really worries me. Kalie is already talking about boys and a couple of months ago, we got a call from The Boys and Girls Club saying she had asked a boy if he'd have sex with her! Talk about giving a step-mother a heart attack!!!!! Addam and I have actually talked about once she started her period, to get her the implanon. I know putting such a young girl on birth control sounds crazy, but still... what else are we supposed to do? We can give her the "sex can be dangerous" talk all day long and she'll still go out and do it... but at least with the implanon we know she can't get pregnant easily. Ugh :( just thinking about this is going to put into an early grave.

So last Friday, we went and got professional pictures done. They were so much fun and our photographer was GREAT! I can't wait to see the pictures! She said it could take anywhere from 1-2 1/2 weeks for her to edit the photos and let us see them but once I do, I'll definitely have to post some and show off my family. (:

It's totally a girls night at the condo tonight. Addam is in driving school for a finder-binder he had about a month ago until 10:00 pm tonight so I figured I'd treat the girls by going to pick up a couple of Happy Meals since every time we ask them what they want for dinner they say, "McDonald's!" Ick! Not very appetizing to me, but hey if it makes them happy I'll do it. Then I was going to sick down with them and help them with the little puppy dog and Monster High Valentines cards we picked up for them to hand to their classmates.

For an early Valentines Day treat, Addam scheduled us for couple massages at 10. am tomorrow morning! Ahh I can't wait! My neck and back has been killing me so this is just the thing I need. (:

I hope all my lovely followers are doing well! <3 ya'll!

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