Sunday, December 25, 2011

Guess I haven't been *too* naugty

Merry Christmas to you all! I hope everyone is enjoying this GLORIOUS day and remembering the true meaning behind Christmas.

Addam, the girls, and I went to my parents house this morning to have our Christmas breakfast and open presents there. My older sister was there as well. My parents surprised Addam and I by getting us a really nice 46 inch flat screen tv for our bedroom, since the tv we originally had ended up in the girls room... so if we wanted to watch a movie at night, we'd have to do it on Addam's desktop computer. This tv will be a wonderful addition to our room, that's for sure! My parents got the girls a few little gifts as well that they are enjoying.

Our breakfast at my parents was really nice, although anytime Addam and I are around them things get to a be a little awkward (long story). It would be really rude to say we were glad to leave, but we were just ready for go to Addam's moms house where we both knew the atmosphere would be a little better.

From my families house to his moms house is about a 2 hour drive and within 15 minutes in the car, the girls were asleep which gave Addam and I some nice quiet time to ourselves. When we got to his moms, we watched the girls open the rest of their presents then his mom took them outside for a little scavenger hunt. While they were out there playing, Addam and I were sitting on the floor by the fire place drinking wine and listening to Christmas music when we pulls out a jewelery box that had "Kay's" written on it. You know you're getting something really nice when you see the world "Kay" lol. He had special ordered me a GORGEOUS diamond horse shoe necklace. With money being so tight for us, it shocked me that he had spent so much but I am definitely grateful and put it on right away.

It feels so nice to finally be a family again, and that alone is the greatest Christmas present anyone could have ever given me!

We will spend the rest of today at his moms where we will have a huge dinner with the rest of his family and then spend the night. We may go back home tomorrow or stay another night. We aren't sure, but we're just enjoying family time. There is truly nothing better!

Happy Holiday's everyone!!!

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